Important Information on SIP Trunking

A connection between SIP trunk and an internal public switched telephone (PSTN) will allow companies to make phone calls within and outside the business via the Internet connectivity alone.

SIP Trunking Services

With the convergence of data and voices, companies will enjoy big savings since calls, both local and international, video conference lines, and toll-free number calling are enabled in the system without expensive equipment or per-call costs to worry about.

What makes SIP Trunking even more attractive is that despite being routed over the IP, calls are of excellent quality, have minimum delay times and users feel as if they are near even if they are seas and miles apart.

Furthermore, this new innovation has eliminated the need for companies to invest in desktop equipment, TDM-gateway infrastructure or analog cables. In SIP, only one line is needed to handle as much as 60 calls at one time. It also enables companies and their employees to enjoy the many advantages of VoIP systems without needing new equipment since SIP is backward-compatible and can work with existing phone systems.

To concretely describe what VoIP trunking can do, say your employee conducts an outgoing call with your newly installed SIP system. The main soft switch will analyse this call as data and route the call to the IP once it determines the direction of the call. The SIP trunk basically allows for a more intelligent routing system for communications in the system. And since everything is done through the Internet, the potency of the system is dependent on the bandwidth. It can support as many phone calls as the same time as your Internet bandwidth can allow.

SIP Trunking is offered to small and medium enterprises and large corporations through SIP or Internet telephone service providers. Essentially, SIP providers offer both a phone and an Internet line and connects your existing telephone system into a PBX. If your company has also adopted IP-PBX technology, then SIP Trunking is simply an upgrade for enhanced features and cost savings.

However, before finally getting convinced and jumping into the bandwagon, there are a few things you might have to consider before choosing SIP Trunking. There are a few challenges in SIP today, which includes decreased security since everything is routed to the Internet. It is then very important to choose the right SIP provider that will provide you a high level of security where it matters.

Similarly, it is important to make sure that your existing Internet service provider can offer you bandwidth allocation that meets the demands of SIP technology. An open bandwidth is ideal as it minimizes delays and prevents communication loss in between calls. Make sure to discuss your specific needs with your SIP Trunking provider to ensure faster return of investment.

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